Jeanne Forest-Soucy

Jeanne Forest-Soucy is a emerging dance artist based in Quebec City. The physical constraints and the encounter with other artistic mediums such as cinematography and music stimulates her artistic research. Her social commitment coloured her approach by giving her the objective of awakening reflections. To achieve this, she approaches dance as a language and seeks to work on her communicative effectiveness, without losing artistic depth. Graduated in 2020 from L’École de danse de Québec, she worked as a performer with Mélissa Martin in Bordélique and collaborated as an apprentice performer with Le fils d’Adrien danse on the LUMINESCENCE, Danse Turner project. She also took part in the Maison pour la danse’s Fait Maison! events and the 2021 edition of Osez! in solo, a co-production of Danse K par K and La Rotonde, as a choreographer and performer.

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