ASIDE (2024)


ASIDE is an experimental video created by Marie Béland, assisted by Mathilde Geromin. Inspired from the RADIOMATON installation co-authored by Marie and Simon Laroche, ASIDE exposes the dysfunction experienced by both adolescents and elders as they navigate the various frequencies of reality, at times overlapping and at times colliding. Each person thus becomes a reflection of the pervasive desire to communicate with others. While RADIOMATON explores ambient noise, ASIDE shifts this exploration to the silent noise within us.

The video was realised with the participation of drama students from André-Laurendeau high school and seniors from Chartwell Le St-Gabriel in Longueuil.




Artistic credits

A creation by Marie Béland
Editing and production assistance: Mathilde Geromin
Dramaturge: Kathy Casey
Music: Alexandre St-Onge
Other sounds freesound:
kwahmah_02 – fm-tuning-1
cognito-perceptu – am-band-static
shanealf – radio-1
paper-jam K – radio-band

An artistic partnership by MARIBÉ – SORS DE CE CORPS and Montréal Danse


Julia Boyer
Nicole Carito-Allaire
Thomas Chevalier
Magali Darche
Justine Demers
Daniel Doré
Sarah Doyon
Janine Flessas
Evelyne Fleury
Colette Fortur-Vachon
Angèle Gagnon
Colette Gingras
Danyka Joseph
Mélyna Larivée-Bélanger
Benoit Morin
Léane Nadeau
Manuela Nino Bustos
Florence Nobert
Maeva Ross
Esther Judy Saint-Natus
Céline Tremblay

Images captured in RADIOMATON, a creation by Marie Béland and Simon Laroche



Alexandre Stock, directeur technique
Maude Pelchat, École secondaire André-Laurendeau
Magali Darche, Résidence Chartwell–St-Gabriel
Jean-François Hétu, bibliothèque Raymond-Lévesque
Stéphanie Laquerre, ville de Longueuil
Éric Dufresne-Arbique, Conseil des Arts de Longueuil

This project is part of the Des ponts culturels, d’une rive à l’autre program, which was made possible thanks to the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, and the Digital Present program of the Conseil des Arts du Canada.

ASIDE is represented by the Groupe d’intervention vidéo (GIV)


Artistic team

Marie Béland – Cocreator

Marie Béland graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance creation. She then founded her company, MARIBÉ-SORS DE CE CORPS, to support her choreographic work. For the past 20 years, Marie has distinguished herself through works that invite reflection from both young and general publics, and that have been presented in theaters, festivals, private and public spaces in Quebec, Canada, Europe and Africa. Drawing from our different uses of the body and the gestures that make up our daily lives, Marie organizes banal movement to make it danceable and complex. The stage acts to reveal the troubled zones of fiction inverting the true, the false and the plausible. Her creations approach live performance as a social and aesthetic phenomenon, an opportunity to study the transformations that our ordinary bodies undergo in contact with the stage. Marie is also a co-founder of La 2e Porte à Gauche (2003-2018), and is publishing her master’s thesis in 2019 entitled Cartographie de la scène: les forces en jeu dans le spectacle vivant, which seeks to question the object of performance and understand its workings.
Photo : Jean-François Brière

Mathilde Geromin aka lamathilde

Lamathilde is a video-sound-performance artist. Her work investigates identity through sexuality and gender using low-grade video, super 8, manipulated film footage and stop-motion animation. Sound is at the core of her practice.
Her work has been shown in many galleries and international festivals, including Pink Screens – Brussels, Festival des films gais et lesbiens – Paris, London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival , Mix Festival – New York, and as well as in Germany, Italy, Holland, Philippines, Canada, Slovenia, Australia, Lebanon.
Born in France, Lamathilde lives and works in Montreal. She was part of the sound-performance collective WWKA,(2004-2012) has hosted a radio show for 5 years and is an active member of the Montreal visual arts scene.
She’s been part of Coral Short’s performances since 2008 and works with her on different collaborations, Sexnoys (Vancouver), Social (Montreal).

Photo : © lamathilde

Kathy Casey
Kathy Casey

Artistic Director of Montréal Danse since 1996, Kathy Casey works as a dramaturge with choreographers who are rethinking, redefining and reworking what is dance. Through a process of deep questioning of performance and the body, she encourages bold ideas and discovering ways to express them and give them form. She also organizes and facilitates an annual choreographic research workshop, runs research labs and facilitates or co-facilitates dance and interdisciplinary dramaturgy workshops. In addition to her responsibilities with Montréal Danse, Kathy Casey works as an artistic advisor for several independent choreographers in Montreal.

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Photo : George Dutil

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