Réunion.s – provisional title (2024)

Women are gathering, late at night, in the basement of a church, or the decor of a community hall. They’re all ages, come from every year. Around them, the atmosphere is reminiscent of self-help groups, talking circles: orange or beige tiles on the floor, folding table where a coffee vat, cardboard glasses, some wet cookies. Each of them knows exactly what they are doing, knows the routine by heart. They all join the big circle. The ritual can begin, where a series of scanned steps and traced lines follow, an ode to sorority and human complexity.

Premiered in spring 2024, Marie Béland’s next creation (provisionally titled Reunion.s) will focus on creating a junction point between sorority, rituals and polyrhythmic coordination. How does fine polyrhythmic cyclic writing meet our ever-changing and unpredictable humanity? How can we approach choreographically the paradox that inhabits us, namely, the balance between free will and pre-established, between our normal rituals and our autonomy? How can we create solidarity, support, and magnetism among human beings gathered around such a practice?




Artistic credits

Choreography: Marie Béland
Performers (expected): Meihan Carrier-Brisson, Marilyn Daoust, Alexia Martel, Dominique Porte,
Marilyne St-Sauveur
, one performer to be confirmed
Performers involved in the creative process: Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, Marie Mougeolle, Laura Toma, Mara Dupas
Artistic advisors: Kathy Casey et Anne Thériault
Artistic conception: Tiffanie Boffa, Francis Thibault
Partners: La danse sur les routes du Québec, Espace Le vrai monde?, La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Quai 5160 – Maison de la culture de Verdun


Artistic team

Marie Béland

Marie Béland graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance creation. She then founded her company, MARIBÉ — SORS DE CE CORPS, to support her choreographic work. For the past 20 years, Marie has distinguished herself through works that invite reflection from both young and general publics, and that have been presented in theaters, festivals, private and public spaces in Quebec, Canada, Europe and Africa. Drawing from our different uses of the body and the gestures that make up our daily lives, Marie organizes banal movement to make it danceable and complex. The stage acts to reveal the troubled zones of fiction inverting the true, the false and the plausible. Her creations approach live performance as a social and aesthetic phenomenon, an opportunity to study the transformations that our ordinary bodies undergo in contact with the stage. Marie is also a co-founder of La 2e Porte à Gauche (2003-2018), and is publishing her master’s thesis in 2019 entitled Cartographie de la scène: les forces en jeu dans le spectacle vivant, which seeks to question the object of performance and understand its workings.

Alexia Martel

Alexia Martel completed her training at L’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal (EDCMTL) in May 2012. Through the school, Alexia has been able to immerse herself in the choreographic worlds of creators from here and abroad, including Marie Béland, Marie Chouinard, Daniel Léveillé and Lise Vachon, who will particularly influence her vision of dance. In parallel to her training, Alexia is interested in theatre and the way in which theatre and dance enter into symbiosis. As an interpreter, Alexia currently works with Isabelle Boulanger (La grande fente) and Patricia Gagnon.

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Marilyne St-Sauveur

A graduated of the Cégep de Saint-Laurent and Université du Québec à Montréal, Marilyne St-Sauveur danced in the works of Marie-Julie Asselin, Marie Béland, Lynda Gaudreau, Frédérick Gravel, Emmanuel Jouthe, OSEZ! /Karine Ledoyen, Dean Makarenko, Andrew Tay and Katie Ward. These projects have taken her everywhere on the Quebec and Canadian stages, but also in the United States, France, England and Belgium. Marilyne has taught dance at UQAM, Collège Montmorency and has taught at the Dance Department of Cégep de Saint-Laurent since 2004. She also works as rehearsal coach in dance and theatre. Thanks to her Ageless Grace certification, she shares her dance with seniors with the company Danse Carpe Diem.

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Anne Thériault

A singular creator and performer, Anne Thériault has been weaving collaborations with artists from multiple backgrounds for more than ten years: with composer Martin Messier, she co-created Derrière le rideau, il fait peut-être nuit (FTA 2011) and Con grazia (FTA 2016) ; the performance Doux  (Actoral 2016) with visual artist Julie Favreau, and with the company BOP, Quatuor pour la fin du temps (OFFTA 2017) alongside Karina Champoux, Frédéric Tavernini and Dave St-Pierre. In particular, she approached the theatre on the occasion of Ainsi parlait… by Frédérick Gravel & Étienne Lepage, and La Fureur de ce que je pense by Marie Brassard. She is a founding member of Lorganisme, a structure for choreographers. She is also an associate artist at Usine C, where she recently presented her latest opus: Récital (FTA 2018). Currently, Anne Thériault is working on new research projects, collaborating with several artists as an artistic advisor and is invited to curate the COMPAGNONNAGE 21 event by Danièle Desnoyers/Le Carré des Lombes, which takes place in winter 2021. The artist is invited for a period of 3 years, as a researcher at L’L, an experimental research structure in the living arts, located in Brussels.
Photo : Lucie Rocher

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Francis Thibault

Francis Thibault is a director for the podcast studio for which he directed the children’s series Bododo (Ohdio). He also directed the youth fiction Le facteur de l’espace (La Puce à l’oreille) based on the comic strip of the same name (La Pastèque). Francis is a sound goldsmith who combines scriptwriting and sound design to create immersive podcasts where audio is at the service of storytelling.

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Photo : Andréa Portilla

Kathy Casey
Kathy Casey

Artistic Director of Montréal Danse since 1996, Kathy Casey works as a dramaturge with choreographers who are rethinking, redefining and reworking what is dance. Through a process of deep questioning of performance and the body, she encourages bold ideas and discovering ways to express them and give them form. She also organizes and facilitates an annual choreographic research workshop, runs research labs and facilitates or co-facilitates dance and interdisciplinary dramaturgy workshops. In addition to her responsibilities with Montréal Danse, Kathy Casey works as an artistic advisor for several independent choreographers in Montreal.

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Photo : George Dutil

Meihan Carrier-Brisson

Originaire de Chine et adoptée au Canada, Meihan Carrier-Brisson arrive au Québec dès la petite enfance. Elle découvre rapidement son amour pour la danse au sein d’une école de loisir qui la formera et qui lui donnera la confiance d’aller au bout de son potentiel. Meihan débute son chemin vers la carrière professionnelle en obtenant un diplôme d’études collégiale en danse au Cégep de St-Laurent. Dans cet établissement elle sera initiée à la danse contemporaine et à différentes techniques de danses telles que Limon, Graham, Cecchetti, l’improvisation-contact et autres. À sa sortie en 2019, elle sera d’ailleurs lauréate d’une bourse d’excellence. Cette formation la mènera à l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal où elle travaillera avec des chorégraphes tels que Virginie Brunelle, José Navas, Manuel Roque qui lui permettront d’explorer des esthétiques et processus variés. Elle s’enrichit auprès d’enseignants comme Marc Boivin, Marie-Ève Lafontaine, Jamie Wright, notamment. Meihan est animée par la physicalité et la forme du corps dansant, la relation et psychologie humaine et la surtout la musique. Elle possède un grand intérêt pour le cinéma, l’art numérique et plastique; comment tisser un lien entre ceux-ci et la danse. Meihan détient une grande ouverture pour des nouveaux apprentissages et fonce vers de nouveaux défis. Elle souhaite poursuivre sa quête et démystifier son identité personnelle et culturelle, continuer de croître, de s’épanouir et de fleurir en tant que danseuse et humaine tout en partageant son amour pour le mouvement et l’art.
Photo : Julie Artacho

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Marilyn Daoust

Diplômée de l’UQAM en danse en 2011, Marilyn Daoust a été deux fois boursière du CAC pour se perfectionner en Catalogne et en Autriche, en plus de se former au Chili et en Belgique. Elle a pris part aux univers de Manon Oligny, Louise Bédard, Liliane Moussa, Daina Ashbee, Projets Hybris, Lucie Grégoire et du Cirque du Soleil. Marilyn a aussi été porte-parole du Festival Accès Danse 2017. Au théâtre, elle collabore au mouvement pour des pièces mises en scène par Nini Bélanger, Louis-Karl Tremblay, Benoit Vermeulen et Florent Siaud, entre autres sur Toccate et Fugue d’Étienne Lepage. Elle chorégraphie et est de la distribution de la pièce d’Angela Konrad Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me. Elle co-fonde For Fauve avec Laurie-Anne Langis, soutenue par le CAC et le CALQ. Elle présente la pièce & (ZH 2017, Tangente 2018) ainsi que la pièce À l’origine d’une bête publique à la Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal (2018). En avril 2020, elle présentera Le temps des fruits, une nouvelle création qu’elle porte avec Gabriel Léger-Savard, à Tangente Danse.
Photo : Robin Pineda Gould

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Dominique Porte

Établie à Montréal depuis 1989, Dominique Porte développe son travail de chorégraphe en repoussant les limites de l’expression grâce à la musique du corps. Reconnue tout d’abord comme une interprète virtuose au sein de la Compagnie Marie Chouinard, les chorégraphes William Douglas, José Navas et Kim Itoh marqueront aussi son parcours. Imprégnée d’une approche organique, animale, sensorielle autant que d’un travail architectural dans la forme, c’est de son expérience d’interprète que naîtra sa propre identité chorégraphique. Fascinée par la nature et la condition humaine, Dominique Porte explore principalement, au fil de ses créations, les thèmes liés à la communication, au rapport à l’autre, à l’identité et à la perception des sens.
Photo : Paula Youwakim

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