Déplacements sonores – Season 2 : DANSE ET TERRITOIRE



Thematic: The notion of space and territory in creative dance
Realization, sound recording and editing: Francis Thibault
Music and soundtrack by Virginie Reid in collaboration with Anne Thériault

For season 2 of Déplacements sonores, DANSE ET TERRITOIRE, Marie Béland and Anne Thériault travel the province of Quebec. Repentigny, Gaspé, St-Mathieu-du-Parc and Quebec City are the destinations of a performative journey created outside the walls of the theatre, engaging both bodies and minds. For the occasion, Marie and Anne therefore meet eight dance artists, all based outside Montreal, in order to discuss various questions related to the territory, and to experience with them a reflective journey. The soundscape is recorded with binaural technology of the sound designer Francis Thibault, back in the project for this second season.

16 artists.
4 teams. 4 paths. 4 regions
Repentigny. Gaspé. St-Mathieu-du-Parc. Québec.
1 big thematic.
1 form: the podcast
Some paths of thoughts in the form of circuits, to experience and tell.


▶ Episode 1 : MAISON

Is our body our home? How does dance help build it?
In this episode, we visit our inner territory and we discuss the dancing body as being our home.

Artists : Marie-Pier Laforge-Bourret, Marie-Ève Quilicot, Marie Béland and Anne Thériault
Guest : Dominick Martineau
Photos : Dominique Bouchard
Headquarters: Théâtre Alphonse Desjardins in Repentigny

Thanks to Centre d’art Diane Dufresne and to Andréanne Sénéchal, Sabrina Paton, Carole Châtelois, Annie-Claude Coutu-Geoffroy, Marie-Michèle Darveau and Evelyne Chagnon, Élodie Gagnon and Elizabeth Dufault of RECréation.


▶ Episode 2 : VOISIN.E.S

Who are the neighbours of the realm of dance? What impact has their presence on our practice?
In the episode, we invest the space that surrounds us, the proximity and we ask ourselves: what does the notion of neighbour mean?

 Artists : Gabrielle Hélène Coulter, Catherine Dumais, Marie Béland and Anne Thériault
Guest : Kalika Sinnett
Photos : Louis Bouvier
Headquarters: Centre de Création Diffusion de Gaspé

Thanks to Centre d’interprétation Mi’gmaq de Gaspé/Gespeg, Tim Adams, Andrée-Anne Giasson, Marilou Cypihot-Tremblay, Josée Roussy and to Marc Trudel, Café des artistes, Élodie Gagnon and Elizabeth Dufault of RECréation.


▶ Episode 3 : PAYSAGES

Is dance a landscape? Does it have a framework, borders?
Through the episode, we look towards the horizon and reflect on the discipline of dance as a landscaping practice.

Artists : Nadège St-Arnaud, Yves St-Pierre, Marie Béland and Anne Thériault
Guest : Céline Boucher
Photos : Étienne Boisvert
Headquarters: CONTACT(s) résidence d’artistes and La petite Place des arts in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc

Thanks to Jérémy Verain, Suzanne Guillemette, Mélodie from Snack-Bar chez Mélo / Café Bistro du village, to the team of Camping du Lac Bellemare,  André Ropars, Élodie Gagnon and Elizabeth Dufault of RECréation.


▶ Episode 4 : SIDÉRAL

Is there anything sacred about the practice of creative dance?
In this episode, we lie down, look up at the sky and dive into the vastness of the stars and beliefs.

Guest artists: Eve Rousseau-Cyr, Jeanne Forest-Soucy, Marie Béland and Anne Thériault
Guest: Dominique Boileau and Catherine Dagenais-Savard
Photos: Julianne Decerf
Headquarters: La Rotonde

Thanks to Marie-Hélène Julien, Laurence Bégin, to the Musée de la civilisation de Québec, Ariane Voineau, Élodie Gagnon and Elizabeth Dufault of RECréation.

The exhibition Vast Body. Mouvements Infinis at the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City presents a work by Caroline Robert and Vincent Morisset from Studio AATOAA, and is based on the work of the following people:
Creation and realisation of Vast Body: Vincent Morisset and Caroline Robert. Code and machine learning: Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit. Main choreographies: Louise Lecavalier, Kathy Casey and Caroline Robert. Choreography assistance: France Bruyère. Camera and coloring: Thierry Sirois. Production manager: David Francke-Robitaille (Video Club). Production: AATOAA.
With: Louise Lecavalier, Rachel Harris, Caroline Robert, Louise Bédard, Marc Béland, Shraddha Danielle Blaney, Valérie Chartier, Karla Étienne, Paul-André Fortier, Elinor Fueter, Claude Godbout, Lucie Grégoire, Liven Lamothe, Patrick Lamothe, Yuma Lamothe, Mia Lapierre Poirier, Robert Meilleur, Linda Rabin, Janne Rieu, Romie Rieu, George Stamos, Philip Szporer.

Following the Astro draft, Marie won a free ticket, which led to a second free ticket, which led to a losing ticket.


History of the project

In 2017, Marie Béland and Anne Thériault began a research process around their common interest in the physicality of words and the embodiment of a text. The following year, this research turns to questioning the nature of the multiple traces that dance leaves or what disappears. From this co-reflection was born the performance De et avec…, in which the creators are interested in the archives of the facilities live art invests, and especially what remains of dance shows through written marks that the season programs constitute.

Then, Marie and Anne wanted to find a way to connect verbal language and dance in a sound form. Marie introduced the idea of developing a podcast series. They combine their vision around the performative outdoor practice called Parcours Doux created by Anne, and develop a new hybrid artistic project combining performance, reflexion and sound.

Wishing to make new encounters and to open the dialogues, they launch a call for applications and invited six artists to participate in the experience. This is how the first season of Déplacements sonores is born, with sensibility and care.

In season 1, DANSE ET ÉPHÉMÉRITÉ, – broadcasted by USINE C in the fall 2021  –, Marie and Anne received six artists to discussed, testified and reflected on their practices while experiencing performative circuits and choreographic walks in different Montreal districts. Between reflections, experiments, encounters, discussions, funny moments, meals, diversions and movements, a sound web is woven around what is sometimes called dance.

Driven by this significant experience, the project comes back for a second season launched in the fall 2022.  This time, the season focuses on the themes of space and territory. The performative paths take place in four regions of Quebec (Lanaudière, Mauricie, Québec City and Gaspésie), each adressing an aspect of the principal notion of space, going from our interior territory to the sidereal one of the stars.

RECréation has accompanied the project since its inception. Composer and musician Virginie Reid has been invited to conceive with Anne Thériault the podcast’s soundtrack.

From now on, Déplacements sonores is a multidisciplinary project (where sound and performance mingle), emerging from the physical and reflexive presences and commitments of all its speakers. A project that travels beyond disciplinary boundaries. Each episode brings new human, auditory and sensitive experiences.



Thematic: The notion of space and territory in creative dance
Realization, sound recording and editing: Francis Thibault
Music and soundtrack by Virginie Reid in collaboration with Anne Thériault


This project is made possible thanks to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, Théâtre Alphonse Desjardins in Repentigny and Pôle territoire danse, CONTACT(s) résidence d’artistes, La petite Place des arts in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Centre de Création Diffusion de Gaspé and La Rotonde in Quebec City.



Gabrielle Hélène Coulter

Gabrielle Hélène Coulter is a choreographer, multidisciplinary artist and teacher living on the untouched Mi’kmaq land of Gespeg. A neurodivergent woman from the LGBTQ2S+ community, she has a unique life experience and insight into interpersonal relationships. Dance, from a very young age, allows her to situate herself in socio-cultural contexts and to master emotions and sometimes complex experiences. Gabrielle Hélène is about to shoot her third collaboration with Gaspé videographer Duane Cabot. In 2022, she founded the École de danse Gaspé with her colleague Andrée-Anne Giasson.

Work related: Déplacements sonores

Catherine Dumais

Catherine Dumais is a Quebec and Montreal artist who has settled in the Gaspé since 2021. She has a sporting background, studies in visual and media arts, and a degree in contemporary dance interpretation (UQAM, 2018). After her studies, she explored circus and street arts: on one side she trained in contortion with Annick Taillon, Jinny Jessica Jacinto, Amy Goh and Andréane Leclerc, and on the other she explored dance and movement through her Flow Art practice, an artistic discipline that involves the manipulation and rotation of various lighting or burning accessories (poets, staff, ropedart, hoola hoop, etc.). Since her arrival in the Gaspé Peninsula, it is the territory that, because of its vastness, has won in sensitive and unexplored places of reflection and performance.

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Jeanne Forest-Soucy

Jeanne Forest-Soucy is a emerging dance artist based in Quebec City. The physical constraints and the encounter with other artistic mediums such as cinematography and music stimulates her artistic research. Her social commitment coloured her approach by giving her the objective of awakening reflections. To achieve this, she approaches dance as a language and seeks to work on her communicative effectiveness, without losing artistic depth. Graduated in 2020 from L’École de danse de Québec, she worked as a performer with Mélissa Martin in Bordélique and collaborated as an apprentice performer with Le fils d’Adrien danse on the LUMINESCENCE, Danse Turner project. She also took part in the Maison pour la danse’s Fait Maison! events and the 2021 edition of Osez! in solo, a co-production of Danse K par K and La Rotonde, as a choreographer and performer.

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Marie-Pier Laforge-Bourret

Après une maîtrise en littérature sur la poésie québécoise contemporaine, Marie-Pier Laforge-Bourret complète un baccalauréat en danse (UQAM, 2016). À titre de chorégraphe, elle présente Summer time à Tangente (2017 et 2018) et Parking lot au Festival Home Run (2017) et dans le cadre d’une résidence à Rurart (2019). En création, elle s’intéresse à la relation entre la disparition et à la mémoire, tout comme à la filiation familiale. Elle a également été interprète pour Andrea Corbeil dans Mont de Vénus (Vous êtes ici, 2016) et dans le monologue poétique de Rose Eliceiry Là où fuit le monde en lumière (Festival ZH, 2017). Plus récemment, elle a participé aux ateliers Une bouffée d’air, qui ont mené à la présentation de O2 de Sarah Dell’Ava aux Journées de la culture 2021. Présentement, elle enseigne le français langue seconde dans un cégep montréalais.

After a master’s degree in literature on contemporary Quebec poetry, Marie-Pier Laforge-Bourret completed a BA in dance (UQAM, 2016). As a choreographer, she presented Summer time in Tangente (2017 and 2018) and Parking lot at the Home Run Festival (2017) and as part of a residency in Rurart (2019). In creation, she is interested in the relationship between disappearance and memory, as well as family filiation. She has also performed for Andrea Corbeil in Mont de Vénus (Vous êtes ici, 2016) and in Rose Eliceiry’s poetic monologue Là où fuit le monde en lumière (ZH Festival, 2017). Most recently, she participated in the workshops Une bouffée d’air, which led to Sarah Dell’Ava’s O2 presentation at Journées de la culture 2021. She currently teaches French as a second language in a Montreal CEGEP.

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Marie-Eve Quilicot

Having started dancing at the age of three, Marie-Eve Quilicot obtained a BA in dance at UQAM in 2004. She began her career with the Dave St-Pierre company and will be the distributor of the shows La pornographie des âmes, Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde and Foudre. She has participated in several Cirque du Soleil productions, including LOVE in Las Vegas, where she has taken on the role of soloist and dance captain. Since her return in 2008, she has worked for various choreographers including Alix Dufresne, Anne Thériault and Le Carré des Lombes during the Compagnonnage project. She regularly collaborates as an artist with the Cirque Éloize on various shows including Seul Ensemble for which she integrated the smooth rope number. As a choreographer, she worked alongside Philippe Falardeau for the film My Salinger Year and for the productions Bien Joué. Since 2022 she joined the Virginie Brunelle company as a performer.

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Virginie Reid

Virginie Reid is a pianist, keyboardist and composer living in Montréal. Her creations reveal a sensitive universe of both touching and powerful depth. Working on an interdisciplinary approach, she works regularly with artists from the fields of contemporary dance, theatre, visual arts and film. At the same time, the various musical projects in which she participates often lead her to perform internationally.

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Photo : Marion Desjardins

Eve Rousseau-Cyr

Among other things through artistic practice, Eve is interested in the relationship to the other and to oneself as creative and experiential potential. Through the performative act, it is exercised by listening to the infinite possibilities, putting the experience of oneself at the center of her work. The main utopia in the pursuit of his practice is the continual development of her sensitivity, her ability to perceive changes and respond to them, thus allowing the constant exploration of her human character.

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Nadège St-Arnaud

Nadège St-Arnaud, a native of Shawinigan, is a contemporary dance artist. After leaving EDCM in 2012, she returned to Mauricie, where she worked as a choreographer, performer, teacher and cultural mediator. Her work, which is both poetic and organic, is supported by various collaborations, notably in visual arts and music, and aims to highlight the artists of Mauricie.

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Yves St-Pierre

Upon graduating from the Ateliers de danse Moderne de Montréal (LADMMI) in 1993, Yves St-Pierre began his career as a dancer. He is a sensitive recipient of the choreographic repertoire of Hélène Blackburn and Jean-Pierre Perreault, who dance for various independent Montreal choreographers and creates his own works. He continues his research and creative work in dance and video art within the company gang interdite which he co-directs with Sonya Stefan and Sylvain Poirier. He is the general director and works there as an interpreter, director, editor and webmaster. Yves now works in creative teams at Cirque du Soleil, continues his practice in visual art at the Le Rogue de Mars collective with his partner Sylvain Poirier and participates in the development of La petite Place des Arts in St-Mathieu-du-Parc as a board member.

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Francis Thibault

Francis Thibault is a director for the podcast studio for which he directed the children’s series Bododo (Ohdio). He also directed the youth fiction Le facteur de l’espace (La Puce à l’oreille) based on the comic strip of the same name (La Pastèque). Francis is a sound goldsmith who combines scriptwriting and sound design to create immersive podcasts where audio is at the service of storytelling.

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Photo : Andréa Portilla

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