Twis-manivelle (2005)

Far from wanting to do an imitation of the actual youth, Twis-manivelle is a wink of eye to their madness, their desires and their fears. In a brilliant stage set and accompanied with live music, this highly physical work is perfectly adapted to a first dive in contemporary dance.

Interpreters for the creative process : Catherine Gaudet, Vincent Morel, Lael Stellick, Marilyne St-Sauveur, Anne Thériault
Interpreters on tour : Simon-Xavier Lefebvre ou Vincent Morel, Angélique Poulin, Lael Stellick, Marilyne St-Sauveur, Anne Thériault
Sound designer and musician : François Girouard 
Rehearsal director : Audrey Dunn
Costumes designer : Dominique Richard 
Sage set designer : Catherine Leboeuf
Light designer : Frédérick Gravel 
Length : 45 minutes
Premiere : 24 novembre 2005 à Tangente, Montréal, Canada
maribé – sors de ce corps would like to thank Département de danse de l’UQAM.

Comments received from 12 to 17 years old spectators :

” I liked this magnificent dance because first the music inspired me and I like the music, and then the dance was very funny. ”

” I did not know contemporary dance and this show made me discover it. ”

” It is one of the rare dance shows that I saw and which I understood a little the history. ”

” Twis-manivelle is very diverting and funny at the same time. I thought it was hilarious ! ”

” As I am not familiar with that, I do not know if it is normal to find some scenes funny or “disconcerting”, but nevertheless, I believe that I would like to see the other shows.”


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Lael Stellick
Lael Stellick / performer collaborator

Lael Stellick graduated from the John Abbott CEGEP Theatre Program in 2001 and the Unversité Concordia Dance Program. As an interpreter/dancer, Lael is currently collaborating with choreographers Sasha Kleinplatz, Lara Kramer, Aurélie Pedron, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus and Michael Montonaro while continuing to perform with the improvisation-movement league, Les Imprudanses, since 2006. As a choreographer, Lael has worked with Dix Tempsdix (2008) and has two collaborative projects Division (April 2011) and Breakaway (April 2012). Lael is currently working on his new creation, Waiting, for 2013.

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Marilyne St-Sauveur

A graduated of the Cégep de Saint-Laurent and Université du Québec à Montréal, Marilyne St-Sauveur danced in the works of Marie-Julie Asselin, Marie Béland, Lynda Gaudreau, Frédérick Gravel, Emmanuel Jouthe, OSEZ! /Karine Ledoyen, Dean Makarenko, Andrew Tay and Katie Ward. These projects have taken her everywhere on the Quebec and Canadian stages, but also in the United States, France, England and Belgium. Marilyne has taught dance at UQAM, Collège Montmorency and has taught at the Dance Department of Cégep de Saint-Laurent since 2004. She also works as rehearsal coach in dance and theatre. Thanks to her Ageless Grace certification, she shares her dance with seniors with the company Danse Carpe Diem.

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Anne Thériault

A singular creator and performer, Anne Thériault has been weaving collaborations with artists from multiple backgrounds for more than ten years: with composer Martin Messier, she co-created Derrière le rideau, il fait peut-être nuit (FTA 2011) and Con grazia (FTA 2016) ; the performance Doux  (Actoral 2016) with visual artist Julie Favreau, and with the company BOP, Quatuor pour la fin du temps (OFFTA 2017) alongside Karina Champoux, Frédéric Tavernini and Dave St-Pierre. In particular, she approached the theatre on the occasion of Ainsi parlait… by Frédérick Gravel & Étienne Lepage, and La Fureur de ce que je pense by Marie Brassard. She is a founding member of Lorganisme, a structure for choreographers. She is also an associate artist at Usine C, where she recently presented her latest opus: Récital (FTA 2018). Currently, Anne Thériault is working on new research projects, collaborating with several artists as an artistic advisor and is invited to curate the COMPAGNONNAGE 21 event by Danièle Desnoyers/Le Carré des Lombes, which takes place in winter 2021. The artist is invited for a period of 3 years, as a researcher at L’L, an experimental research structure in the living arts, located in Brussels.
Photo : Lucie Rocher

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Simon-Xavier Lefebvre

Simon-Xavier Lefebvre has always been prone to sports hyperactivity and developed an interest in movement and space from his first contact with martial arts. In his early twenties, when he was completing his undergraduate degree in biology, his thoughts were still rooted in the rehearsal studio. He decided to turn definitively towards dance following a meeting with Daniel Léveillé. After a year of study at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, he was invited into the creative process of Un peu de tendresse, bordel de merde by Dave St-Pierre. To date, there have been numerous collaborations: Marie Béland, Andrew Turner, Anne Thériault, Virginie Brunelle, Sasha Kleinplatz, Estelle Clareton, Pierre Lecours, Hélène Blackburn, Estelle Clareton, Martin Messier, Milan Gervais, Frédérick Gravel and Parts & Labour. Simon-Xavier has also appeared on stage for some theatre projects, notably with Éric Jean, Mani Soleymanlou and Jérémie Niel. In 2020, Simon-Xavier participated in the revival of La vie attend (Parts and Labour), and was part of the touring team for Some Hope for the Bastards (DLD/Frédérick Gravel).

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Photo : Christel Bourque

Angélique Poulin / performer

Angélique Poulin completed her BA in dance at UQÀM in 2005 and was awarded the 2006 William Douglas Honorary Scholarship. She has performed in 29 coups de langue by Marie-Eve Albert, first performed at the Agora de la danse in 2005 and then performed in Tangente in April 2006. She then danced at Studio 303 in Fodire Fouillis, by Dominique Bouchard (September 2006) and was in the cast of Twelve Naked Gueules by Normand Marcy, presented in Tangente (December 2006). Angélique has also worked with Danielle Dumont, Aurélie Pédron and is currently working with Dominique Bouchard on a new creation. She teaches contemporary dance at the Dimension-Arts school and is constantly involved in various dance events, including the Imprudanses. She recently entered the wonderful world of Marie Béland’s Twis-Manivelle, replacing Catherine Gaudet.

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François Girouard /composer and performer

François Girouard is a composer, guitarist, drummer and videographer born in Joliette in 1976. He wrote several pieces for dance, including HopeMachine and Virginia Preston’s O!SweetMediatrix (2005 and 2002), Du pittoresque en danse (co-creation, 2004) and Ingrid Belley’s La fable hymnemobile (2001). He also composed for the theatre, Tailladés by Sophie Rouleau (2005), then Le maître et Marguerite et Cocktail by François Geoffrey (2001 and 2003). He is also behind the drums of the Dynamo Coleoptera training, a mixture of original music, dance, theatre and performance. When he has time, he makes video music. Some of his works have been presented at several international festivals, including Outer Limits in New York, ISEA 2000 in Paris and Electra in Montreal.

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Frédérick Gravel
Frédérick Gravel / concepteur d’éclairages

Frédérick Gravel graduated in 2009 from UQAM’s (Université du Québec à Montréal) dance faculty with a thesis on “The role of the dance artist in a democratic society’’. The choreographer, dancer, musician and lighting designer Frédérick Gravel has been active on the Montreal scene for the past fifteen years. He turns the structures of choreography upside down, merging into his work various elements from rock and performance art. He joined DLD as an associate creator in 2010 and was appointed artistic director of the company in 2018. His productions – Gravel Works (2009), All Hell is Breaking Loose, Honey (2010), Usually Beauty Fails (2012) and This Duet That We’ve Already Done (so many times) (2015), Some Hope for the Bastards (2017) and Fear and Greed (2019) – have received great national and international reviews. He co-created with the author Étienne Lepage Ainsi parlait… (2013) and Logique du pire (2016). The works of Frédérick Gravel are created in close collaboration with all members of Grouped’ArtGravelArtGroup/GAG, a shifting collective of dancers and musicians actively involved in the creation process. More and more active as a teacher, Frédérick Gravel regularly gives creative workshops as well as teaching at CÉGEP Saint-Hyacinthe’s theater department, at Université du Québec à Montréal and at l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. Frédérick Gravel is a member of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.

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Photo : Julie Artacho

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