Marie-Ève Courchesne / interprète collaboratrice

Marie-Éve Courchesne was introduced at a young age to classical and contemporary dance at the Balletto de Nicolet School of Dance, where she now teaches and sits on the board of directors. During her training at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal (EDCMTL), she discovered her strengths in creation, musicality, intuition and her physical potential. For a long time, she has had the opportunity to develop her creative authenticity through her teaching and various projects parallel to the school, such as that of teaching dance in a summer camp in Haiti in 2012. As soon as she entered the labour market, she was called upon to train professional oriental dancers in order to perfect their basic technique. In 2013, she tasted the world of operetta in the show «Three naked girls» of the company Belle Lurette. At the moment, she is in creation with Léa Tremblay-Fong and Marie Béland.

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