Marie-Eve Quilicot

Having started dancing at the age of three, Marie-Eve Quilicot obtained a BA in dance at UQAM in 2004. She began her career with the Dave St-Pierre company and will be the distributor of the shows La pornographie des âmes, Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde and Foudre. She has participated in several Cirque du Soleil productions, including LOVE in Las Vegas, where she has taken on the role of soloist and dance captain. Since her return in 2008, she has worked for various choreographers including Alix Dufresne, Anne Thériault and Le Carré des Lombes during the Compagnonnage project. She regularly collaborates as an artist with the Cirque Éloize on various shows including Seul Ensemble for which she integrated the smooth rope number. As a choreographer, she worked alongside Philippe Falardeau for the film My Salinger Year and for the productions Bien Joué. Since 2022 she joined the Virginie Brunelle company as a performer.

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