Olivier Rousseau

Olivier Rousseau is graduated of the École de théâtre de St-Hyacinthe and the dance department of UQAM. Since graduation, he has had the opportunity to perform in the creations of Estelle Clareton, Christophe Garcia, Les Archipels (Philippe Meunier and Ian Yaworski), Lucie Vigneault and several others. Soon, he will continue the creation of Duos en morceaux from the INK Theatre in which he rubs shoulders with the fantastic creators Marilyn Perreault, Annie Ranger, Marie Béland, Anne Thériault and Alix Dufresne. With a path that mixes theatre and dance, it offers a different approach to movement and embodies dance in a sensitive way. Olivier is a performer, creator, actor and we can see him from winter 2022 in the new series Love & Lajoie on TFO.

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Photo : Guillaume Boucher

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