Philippe B / auteur-compositeur-interprète

Known for his talents as an author, composer and performer—notably at the request of Pierre Lapointe—PHILIPPE B puts forward a hybrid folk music in which acoustic and electric sonorities bathe and astute sampling. Wanting to explore other avenues, he recently wore the hat of musical director and musician on stage in the dance show RAYON X: a true decoy story. In September 2009, the multi-talented artist presented, alongside Sophie Cadieux, the multidisciplinary show Pheromone(s): an intimate evening of words set to music and interpreted on stage in various ways. Philippe B has been seducing the critics and the public ever since he arrived on his own in June 2005 with his eponymous album based on minimalist folk. With his poetry both earthly and lunar, he captures characters, places, moments, and freezes them on timeless songs. From his second effort released in 2008, Taxidermie «a beautiful record that highlights all the talent of author and melodist of Philippe B» according to Bande à Part, emerges a classical pop sound putting forward his voice and remarkable arrangements. Both solo and as a guitarist, Philippe has performed regularly on the Quebec stages, notably at the Francofolies de Montréal and the Festival de musique émergente d’Abitibi Témiscamingue. With the release of his third album, Variations fantômes in May 2011, Philippe B agrees with the 2008 review of Le Voir: there is no doubt that the singer’s next albums will be even more daring. Audacity is at the rendezvous, inventive creativity too.

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