Tiffanie Boffa

As a performing artist, set and lighting designer, Tiffanie Boffa uses her multiple resources to create living, sensitive spaces. She began her career in dance, performing for Kimberly de Jong, Benoît Lachambre, Laura Acosta and Chloé Bourdages-Roy. After a few years, she developed a particular interest in set design. With a degree in Theatre Design (Concordia University, 2019), she creates lighting designs for dance and theater. She has worked with Jon Lachlan Stewart, Cathia Pagotto, Youtheatre and choreographers Erin Robinsong, Sybille Hanna Müller, Brice Noesser, George Stamos and Katya Montaignac. She collaborates with other lighting designers such as Paul Chambers, Hugo Dalphond and Cédric Delorme-Bouchard.

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