Vincent-Nicolas Provencher / Performer collaborator

Native of the North Shore of Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Vincent-Nicolas Provencher is very young interested in sport. He devotes an enormous amount of time and energy, particularly to athletics, and he will participate twice in the Quebec Games before having an injury that will hold him back for several years. From then on, he reoriented himself towards the arts. First exploring music and theatre for 3 years, he discovered dance and its virtues as much therapeutic as intriguing in the synergy of the convergence of the arts (music, theatre, movement). He spent 5 years training there and will complete a DEC in dance at Collège Montmorency, Que., in 2010, and then a DEC in dance performance at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal (LADMMI) in 2013. During his training, Vincent-Nicolas has the privilege of working on creations with Anne Barry, Pierre Lecours, Chanti Wadge, Darryl Tracy, Emmanuel Jouthe, Julien Desplantez and Harold Rhéaume. He also played Devouring the Sky by Danièle Desnoyers and Trois Peaux by Jean-Sébastien Lourdais. In June 2013, he began the creation of Figures de Silence with the choreographer Marie Béland, which was presented in October 2013 and then in the Maisons de la culture de Montréal in 2015. In parallel with the dance, he is part of the choir La clique vocale, as well as the theatre troupe «La mèche rebelle». In March 2014, he presented the operetta L’oncle Augustin from Belle Lurette, where he would perform the roles of chorister and dancer. In 2015, he was a backup singer for Chloé St-Marie at the Place des arts.

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