RAYON X : a true decoy story / the full-length show is available!

In RAYON X : a true decoy story, Marie Béland and her collaborators put the elements that make up a dance performance through a sieve; the performers, the music, the set, the lights, the choreography, the ideas, but also the image that we make of it all, be it formal or fantasized.

What are the stakes lying hidden behind the decorum of a show ? With this new creation, the audience is invited to dive into an autopsy of a performance: to reflect on what we perceive, what touches us, and on how we navigate the notion of falsity in our own lives.

Nearly 10 years after the premiere in 2010, the full-length version of the show is available on the Youtube channel of the company. ↓

Since its creation and until 2014, RAYON X: a true decoy story has been presented 23 times in Quebec, both for the general public and the teenager school public.

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Photo : Marilyne St-Sauveur and Zoey Gauld © Mathieu Doyon

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