Angela Rassenti / conceptrice de costumes

Angela Rassenti trained in scenography at the National Theatre School of Canada. Since 2008, she has been designing sets and costumes mainly in theatre and contemporary dance. This is not her first collaboration with maribé – sors de ce corps; in 2013 she designed the costumes and accessories for the creations; BLEU – VERT – ROUGE and Vie et mort de l’élégance. Among her most recent works, a costume design in March 2014 with Amélie Rajotte for her creation Carnaval for Tangente, at Studio Hydro Québec, a costume design for Plus Vrai by Sarah Bild with Danse Cité during fall 2013, and a scenography for Scrap by Mathieu Leroux with the Neos Futuristes at Espace Libre in 2012.

Work related: BETWEEN, Révélations, Figures de silence, BLEU – VERT – ROUGE, Vie et mort de l’élégance


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