Joël Lavoie / Sound designer

Joël Lavoie is a native of Montreal. He quickly discovered a passion for music and technology. After a few years of work as a sonorizer in various concert halls in Montreal, he returned to the Université de Montréal where he took a BA in electroacoustic composition. He studied there for 3 years with Robert Normandeau, Jean Piché and Louis Dufort. In 2010 he went to DeMonfort University in the UK where he studied with Simon Emmerson and John Young. He has developed a particular sound aesthetic that combines the organicity of the natural with the raw discord of electronic noises. He has composed several musics for various projects: short films, contemporary dance, children’s theatre and more recently poetry. He is part of the Boutefeu duo that combines his music with the poetry of Sébastien B. Gagnon. They have performed in Paris, Bordeaux, Trois-Rivières and Montreal. He also composed for projects by Audrey Rochette, Rosie Contant, Le moulin à musique and many others.

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