Meihan Carrier-Brisson

Born in China and adopted into a Canadian family, Meihan Carrier-Brisson begins her life in Quebec and quickly discovers her love of dance in a local dance studio with passionate individuals who will give her confidence to pursue her potential in this vast art form. Meihan starts her journey to become a professional dancer by attending Cégep de Saint-Laurent, where she learns various techniques such as Limon, Graham, Cecchetti, contact improvisation, etc. There, she excels and receives a scholarship fund for her academic performance in the Dance Departement in 2019. Prior to graduating, she makes her way to l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal where she works with well-known choreographers such as Virginie Brunelle, José Navas, Manuel Roque who will push her towards new creative processes and artistic styles. Alongside her teachers such as Marc Boivin, Marie-Ève Lafontaine & Jamie Wright, she has enriched herself and discovered her love for physicality and form of movement through the dancing body, human psychology and relationships, and mostly music. Meihan takes great interest in cinema, art, and technology and how we can connect these medias and reach interdisciplinary art products. Her open-mindedness to learning new things and desire to challenge herself are some of her motives and inspirations. In the future, Meihan wishes to pursue her path to demystifying her personal and cultural identity, carry on growing and blooming as a dancer and as a human whilst sharing her love for movement and art.

Photo : Julie Artacho

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