Yan Lee Chan / lightening designer

Yan Lee Chan is first trained in visual arts and then in theatre production, where he specializes in lighting design. Based in Montreal, he has created innovative lighting for contemporary stages for both dance and theatre. He has collaborated with several Canadian choreographers and companies such as Sonya Biernath, Marc Boivin, Lin Sneling, Andrew Harwood, Nicole Mion, Jenn Goodwin, Pamela Newell, Denise Filiatraut, Jean Frédéric Messier, Paula Vasconcelos, Sylvie Moreau, Hélène Langevin, Stéphan Gladyszewsky. This year, Yan Lee Chan has created lighting on various projects, January, a creation of Teddy Taffel, The Master of the Dew, Ondinuk company, as well as the latest creation of the Scotish Dance Theatre choreographed by Victor Quijada.

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